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Post-Eid Salaah Esquires Coffee avec Bilks :) this has became our little tradition after a month of Fasting. White Chocolate Mocha ♡
Commenced the day with Eid Salaah out in the field with the local community. Serenity. Alhamdulillah ♡
Newcastle Unites for Gaza - March and Rally (26.07.2014)

Amazing turn out Alhamdulillah! People from different backgrounds and faiths marching and standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity for the oppressed people of Gaza.
Newcastle Unites for Gaza - March and Rally (26.07.2014)

And I’ll write about the dark corners of life

As I take flight from the wings of my various forms

I’ll extinguish the hope beguiled by a memory

Shine a beacon in my own heart, and find solace as I perch upon my writing desk.

Coffee and walnut cake. Cannit’ wait to break my fast with this beauty. ♡